Wednesday, 20 February 2008

headway for UK MOMO MUMS

Well im super pleased today, i got some great news, ive been i guess you could say campaigning for midwives over here to be made more aware of what a momo pregnancy is and entails,also the treatment it requires and also to encourage midwives and doctors to consider inpatient monitoring. Well i got an email today to say they are going to publish an article about momos by me in the midwives magazine,that is read by 37000 midwives across the U.k im absoloultley thrilled!!! just got to get to work on the article has to be submitted within 7 days,so im just trying to gather some advice and more info and stats of the ladies in the USA etc... to include in the article, who knows if the very least i can do is open up some midwives eyes to the situation which means that there next momo lady that they encounter will hopefully have a bit more understanding and empathy, and the lady will feel at least more supported and reassured that she doesnt have to keep explaining herself time and time again, then thats got to be worth something.x

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Here goes...

ok so ive only just created my blogspot and havent really got a clue how it works, but heres our story. My name is Rebecca i found out on 17 november 2005 i was over joyed, i had my first scan on the December 31st.I found out i was expecting twins, Monochorionic monoamniotic twins.I was told nothing about what that meant or what to expect, I was overjoyed and so were my family.I went home to research the diagnosis,to find out that it was an incredible high risk pregnancy, and ther was only a 50 % chance of the babies making it,due to risk of Cord entanglement and Twin to twin tranfusion syndrome.
In America women are given 24/7 monitoring from 24 weeks until delivery via c-section at 32 weeks.i was terrified of loosing my babies.I went armed to my next appointment with studies and research to fight for my right to have the two healthy babies id created, i fought and fought couldnt get the hospital to agree to inpatient monitoring, but got them to agree to daily ctgs as outpatient from 26 weeks and delivery at 32 weeks and scans fortnightly from 16 weeks and weekly from 26 weeks it wasnt ideal but it was a start.
So fortnightly scans began at 16 weeks, my knuckles would be white with fear, and praying in the scan room before wed go in that all was ok.
I had numerous scans till a miracle occured at 20 weeks, My mum was with me during the scan she noticed a small slivery line floating,we ask the sonographer if that was a membrane, she said it might be but didnt look attached and looked incredibly fine, i booked a private 4d scan for the following day.They confirmed it, and confirmed it was extremly thin but never the less it was a membrane it was intact,so my diagnoses changed to Monochorionic/diamniotic a hige relief , there was still TTTFS to worry about, but it meant i didnt need inpatient monitoring and could deliver naturally and carry to full term.They also confirmed i was having identical boys YAYYYYYYYY!
The scans continueed fortnightly i loved goin to each one still with fear in my heart, but excited each time to see my little boys looking so well.This was my first pregnancy and i couldnt wait to be a mum not just to one but two little boys.
I knew one baby was on the right and one of the left fortunatly i had picked an R and an L name, i knew the right baby was coming first and the Left baby 2nd.
one the 26th of june i went to the hospital for my cervial check, i was told i was 2cm dilated already, and that she was already able to pop my membranes i was 37 weeks.(the reflexology worked), she told me id be brought in two days later at 8am for induction.
Wednesday morning arrived i woke at 7am excited and nervous and had a show, i knew they were coming regardless of goin in that day. i arrived at the hospital at 8 am, and was put in to a side room i had my two sisters and my mum there, we laughed and giggled with excitement.At 10am the midwife came round to give me my first shot of prostin.She told me it could take anything up to 6 hours to work and shed be back round at 4pm to check on me, at 4pm nothing had really happened and she didnt come back round till 5.30 as they were super busy three sets of twins in labour on one ward.By the time she came round at 5.30pm i had started with contractions ,so they moved me in to a delivery room.Time ticked away, and the doc came in and broke my waters, scanned me and both babies were now head down and ready.By 10pm fully dilated and ready to go, baby b wasnt handling the pushing well so we moved to theatre still for a natural but incase of an emergency, A few pushes and with hand held ventouse, Riley Declan White arrive at 23.10pm with a fantastic set of lungs, a few pushes for baby b and he wasnt coming he was presnting forehead first had his head tilted so could keep trying him with ventouse as it would go on his eyes.they tried to manually turn him he wouldnt come, so they told me id have to have a section for him, tears and dissapointment welled in my eyes as they prepped me for it.The doctor looked how upset i was and said one more try if he doesnt come this time it has to be a section, i pushed with muscles i never knew i had and with the help of forceps, Lochlan Daniel White arrived at 23.21pm he was very quiet and a bit lifeless, but within minutes he had pinked up and was settled with his mum. That was the happiest day of my life and ive been living a happy dream ever since.
The boys are now happy healthy 19.5 month olds, Speach is fantastic they never stop singing,dancing talking.Everybody said how much hard work it would be,but nobody told me how wonderful how magical, how amazing and rewarding it is to have two healthy beautiful boys by side everyday keeping me smiling.i couldnt be happier. x